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With the idea of thinking differently about fitness, we embrace and focus on quality over anything else. Our objective is to help you develop a life-long habit of being healthy. Our clients don’t just get fitter, they start understanding their bodies much better.

Take a new birth with our completely personalised and no-frills approach to fitness. Our 3 months and 6 months programme are built to help you become leaner in a stable and sustainable way, without compromising on muscle mass. You will also gain a deeper understanding of every muscle in your body and the correct way of getting fit.

Personal Training

One on one training, teaching biomechanically correct exercise, wise exercise selection, more impactfully workout at available time, evaluation of client’s physical condition and goals and designing workout plans accordingly.

Nutrition Consultation

Teaching humans relation with food, physiological function of body, how correct nutrition can help in proper functioning of hormones, teaching best fuel source for body.

Online Training

Online Training

One on one online sessions. Either gym or bodyweight workouts. Even on digital our focus area remains the same- posture correction and less injury prone exercises.

Females group training

Customised group base training approach with comfortable timings. Designed for housewives and mothers to get healthy and fit. Special batch timings from 11 AM to 4 PM. Minimum batch size of 6 people at a time.

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Join us on a fitness journey like no other! Take your leap towards a healthier, stronger you today



Immerse yourself in a realm of unparalleled learning with our world-class training programs.



Tailored fitness plans designed to meet your unique goals and needs.



Proven track record of helping clients achieve and surpass their fitness objectives.



Diverse classes and routines to keep your fitness journey engaging and challenging.

Why Choose Us

Not focusing on volume, we understand our clients needs first and we then imply our knowledge and expertise. We don't want crowd, limited seats per hour, that's what our goal is.

Training to our clients based on their needs and body condition. After careful evaluation of their lifestyle, their eating habits, their fitness goals and medical history
No body shaming because you are not competing with anyone here. You can easily speak with your trainer during your session as 1 trainer only listens to 2 clients at a time. Easy access to equipment to clients, without waiting. Clients find it comfortable sharing medical conditions that might hamper their fitness.
Focus on building core strength instead of bulking up. Training deep and superficial muscle both which fulfils injury free goals. Scientific approach to wellness, instead of steroids and artificial bulking. For us, fitness is the ability to do all physical activities in your daily life, at any age.
Educating our clients on – Posture, Muscles, Correct Ways of Fitness and Clarity on Dietary Myths available in the market. Educating fitness as process oriented, not as result oriented.

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Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer

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